Update: Davis Weather Link

Since Davis Instruments “updated” our Weather Link to V 2.0, resulting in the loss of some information, I sent the following inquiry:

Hi Martin,

Considering the fact that our Weather Link Station is located at our remote radio control airplane flying site and not a residence, is there some way we can allow our members full access to Weather Link on our website without the inconvenience of using a password?

David Stafford, webmaster



Sorry, but we have no ability to provide an exemption to our security protocols even if they are not appropriate for your needs. A feature request has been forwarded to our web development group, but there are a lot of post migration clean-up tasks right now so I do not know when they will be able to take it up or what form it will take when they do. In the meantime, all I can suggest to escape the burden of a password is the use of the WeatherLink phone app, which will remember the User name and password for the owners account and so appear to work as though no password was needed.


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