Website Security Update

With delayed help from the Google Chrome folks, I’m making some progress regarding the on-going security issues with our website. Yesterday, Chrome finally supplied me with some valuable details that pin-pointed some hacked content on our website. Using FTP, I was able to locate these files (all 9998 of them!). I called our web host this morning and they are deleting these files, plus some other suspicious files.

One of the other problematic security issues involved our link to other weather stations (not our built-in weather station located at the field), so I had no choice but to delete that link under the “Info” pull-down menu. We have no control over the security of other websites such as those remote weather stations. That includes the Cuesta College weather station and other weather stations in the area. Our field weather station will continue to function normally.

To help prevent future infestations, I upgraded our Security Software to Deluxe. Once Go Daddy declares our website free of all hacked content, they will send a Review Request to Google Chrome. After Google Chrome reviews our website again, the rude Red Screen should go away. According to Go Daddy, this process could take 2 to 3 weeks.

Stay tuned and thank-you for your patience.


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