September Club Meeting Minutes

                                              Sept 7, 2013
                                       S.L.O. Flyers Minutes

Meeting brought to order by Tony Gallo at 9:15 A.M.

Members Present;

Dave Nowell
Paul Genshwa
Bill Lander
Steve Wagner
Chuck Bowers
Bob Van ‘T Riet
Ron Burn
Tony Gallo
Mike Valko
Ken Bradley
Steve Dobozy
Steve Gerace
Wade Akle

Meeting Topics;

Tony thanked the construction and painting crew.

Discussion of safety related rules. (Some formal addition to existing rules may be required.)

1. Any aerobatics / high speed passes by any type of aircraft/helicopter will be beyond the west edge of the runway (50ft. buffer).
2. Runway will be used for takeoff and landing only. Established landing pattern will be observed by all aircraft. Emergency landings are exceptions.
3. All pilots will announce their intentions, i.e. “Taking off, landing, touch and go, dead stick, etc”.
4. Helicopter, multi-rotor using main runway will respect landing and takeoff pattern. Training, hovering, adjustments are to performed from the helicopter pad.
5. All pilots shall fly from behind the safety barriers after launch/taxi

Treasurer’s Report deferred to October meeting.

Meeting adjourned at10:15 A.M.

Submitted by
Mike Rittenhouse

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