Results – SloFlyers January #2 ALES Contest

From Rick Johnston;

The lift was a mixed bag today. There was some good lift out there to bump into, but there was also some very nasty sink and winds aloft. Those conditions made for some interesting results. Everyone got one zero score today except Paul, he hung in there and made it back to the field every round. That consistency won the contest. Way to go Paul. I sunk out in the first round for a big goose egg. Everyone except Paul, Daryl and me landed out in the third round for big zero scores.   As for landing points total, again you have to make it back to the field for an opportunity to get points, Paul took the opportunity and won the high landing points. Way to go Paul. Since Paul did so well he probably is begging for an opportunity to be CD. Ok Paul you’re CD for the February 6th contest.


Rank  Name               Score    Pcnt

1    Genshaw, Paul     3222.7    100.0
2    Jacobsen, Tony   2973.2     92.26
3    Wilson, Mike        2878.9     89.33
4    Gallo, Tony          2788.5     86.53
5    Johnston, Rick     2530.4    78.52
6    Dobozy, Steve     2438.2     75.66
7    Reikki, Daryl       2337.6      72.54

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