Results – SloFlyers ALES #2 April 2013 contest

From Rick Johnston;

There was only one boomer thermal found today and that was found by Mike W in the forth round group 2 where he subsequenly buried everyone in that group by a lot. One group member was Daryl who was doing really well on points til he got buried. I think that probably dropped him 2 or 3 places. But if you are persistent(and lucky) and you do well in other rounds, it’s the total score that counts. It wasn’t a good day to have the name Tony as was true in past contests, the Tony luck ran out in the forth round when they non chalantly ran into each other with both plane taking a nose dive, sorry guys. Lucky Steve D got his name drawn and gets to be CD next contest. Let me know the task times Steve. Next contest is on  May 8th. See you there.

Top 4 Flight Scores:

Rick J          3724
Mike W       3623
Ken B          3576
Daryl           3558


Name                  Score    Pcnt    Raw Score
1    Johnston, Rick    3724.1    100     3724.1
2    Wilson, Mike      3623.4    97.3     3623.4
3    Bradley, Ken      3576       96.02   3576
4    Reikki, Daryl      3558.4   95.55   3558.4
5    Dobozy, Steve    3366.6   90.4     3366.6
6    Bowers, Chuck   2850.4   76.54   2850.4
7    Jacobson, Tony  2477.3    66.52   2477.3
8    Gallo, Tony        2364.2    63.48   2364.2
9    Valko, Mike       1894.6    50.87   1894.6

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