Results – SloFlyers 2nd May ALES Contest

From Rick Johnston;

Major lift and major sink today was the rule of the day, way more sink than lift. We’re going to have to have a pre contest plane inspection next contest to check for hidden pockets of helium, Tony G. Something suspicious is going on. Tony won every one of his heats to win first place. Good going Tony. Second was Mike W, third was Daryl good going.

Landing scores were dismal today.  Only three pilots made any landing points at all. Chuck B nailed first place with 23 pts, Tony was second with 5 pts and I was third with 2 pts. These scores are out of a total possible 100 pts, it must have been the pressure the CD put on us with those special landing rules!! Maybe the lesson for the day was: try to relax under pressure design to disrupt your focus.


Rank    Name             Score    Pcnt
1    Gallo, Tony          4000      100
2    Wilson, Mike       3562.8    89.07
3    Reikki, Daryl       3392.5    84.81
4    Bowers, Chuck    3386.3    84.66
5    Johnston, Rick    3013.7    75.34
6    Jacobson, Tony   2501.8    62.55
7    Dobozy, Steve     2238.3    55.96

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