Results – SloFlyers 1st February ALES contest

From Rick Johnston;

It was a tough day for finding lift but Tony G did the best at finding it and scored 3938  points.  Second was Tony J with 3822.  Third was Rick with 3755.

My computer is acting out and I can’t send attached files.  When it straightens itself out, I will get them out.

The following are the rest of the standings:

4th- Daryl 3628
5th- Chuck 3153
6th- Morgan 3141
7th- Perry 3029

Good going everyone

Landing scores:
Tony G- 61
Daryl – 37
Rick- 28
Morgan- 24
Tony J- 18
Chuck- 14
Perry- 11

Next contest is scheduled for February 26th. CDship goes to Daryl.  See you there.


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