Results – SLO Flyers 2nd November ALES Contest

From Rick Johnston;

It was a beautiful day for a contest. Not that much lift and more than enough sink.  I told you you’d have to move down a notch because Mike W paid us a visit (good to see him). He was first with 3889 points, second was Ken not far behind with 3822 points and third was Morgan with 3503 points. Congratulations guys.

Landing results were: First was Rick(can’t fly but he can land) with 81 points out of 100, second was Mike W with 73 points and third was Ken with  64 points. Good going.

Next contest will be December 11 and I think I heard Tony G say he wanted to CD. See you there


Rank    Name              Score       Pcnt
1    Wilson, Mike         3888.9    100
2    Bradley, Ken         3822.7    98.3
3    Wilson, Morgan    3503.6    90.09
4    Gallo, Tony           3319.7     85.36
5    Jacobson, Tony    2780.5    71.5
6    Johnston, Rick     2519        64.77

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