Results – Rescheduled – SLO Flyers second SEPTEMBER ALES Contest

From Rick Johnston;

The lift was lacking the first two rounds with almost nobody making their time. Things picked up after that and by the last two rounds conditions were very good.  Tony G was first place finisher with a commanding lead of 4941 points, second was Mike V with some real nice flying and 4755 points. Third was Tony J with 4351 points. Congratulations guys.

The landing contest was won by Tony G with 59 points out of 125. Tony struckout on the first two rounds but was well warmed up for the last three. Second was Rick with 39 points. Third was Fred with 35 points. Congratulations

Since this was a makeup contest for September and took place on the first Wed of October, we will be having our first October contest next Wednesday October 9th. I will be CD and pilots meeting will be at 9:00


Rank    Name              Score      Pcnt
1    Gallo, Tony           4940.9    100
2    Valko, Mike          4755.1    96.24
3    Jacobson, Tony    4351.1    88.06
4    Johnston, Rick     4295.5    86.94
5    Jacober, Fred       3699.4    74.87
6    Dobozy, Steve      2665.5    53.95

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