Results – ALES Contest Wednesday July 8, 2015

From Rick Johnston;

It was a fantastic day with fantastic lift, light breeze. There was some nasty sink and if you circled in it trying to make something of it, you were paid with an early landing. Those who made a bee line for better air when encountering that sink were paid with a good score. Rick was best at finding the good lift, second was Tony and third was Morgan. Way to go guys.

Next contest will be on July 22. Tony (Mr Imagination so watch out) Jacobson will be CD. Pilots meeting 9:00. See you there.

Flying results:

1   Johnston, Rick      3975
2   Jacobson, Tony     3945
3   Wilson, Morgan    3693
4   Willison, Steve      3471
5   Gallo, Tony            3445
6   Riekki, Dary          3346
7   Bradley, Ken         3154

Landing results:

1   Johnston, Rick      67
2   Jacobson, Tony    63
3   Wilson, Morgan   61
4   Willison, Steve     34
5   Gallo, Tony           18
6   Riekki, Daryl        15
7   Bradley, Ken        10


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