New Weather Station

SloFlyers Club has a new weather station at the field that can be accessed on the internet. There are 2 ways to see the info, first the weather graphic is posted on the SloFlyers home page or if you prefer you can access the info on the weatherlink website at;

Here’s a list some of those involved in getting the site up and running per Mike Rittenhouse, “And the credits go to:  Sam Goldstein, starting the search; Morgan Wilson, for research and buying; Tony Jacobson and Daryl Riekki, for installation; Lars Mikkelsen and Dave Nowell, problem solving, Mike Rittenhouse, stupidvising.”

Tony Gallo says “Hey Guys, This is what we have been talking about for years, thanks to all for making it come together, it will be a great benefit to the membership. Tony G.”

Here’s a couple of pictures from Tony Jacobson;

Here’s the weather graphic.  Click on the “Summary” link on the graphic for a weather summary.


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