July SLO ALES Contest #1 Results

Rick Johnston sent out the email and contest results below;

Attached are the scores for today’s contest. Everyone had some great flights but no one had all great flights so the round scores were all over the place. A special note Steve did really well considering it was his first few flights with his new plane.

As some pilots found out, landing out of bounds really hurts. I didn’t have anything written down for Chuck in round 4 so I supposed Chuck didn’t fly that round.

Another fun contest guys, to get back on track with contest schedule, next Wednesday July 25 will be our next contest. Looking forward to it. I think Fred will have his new plane dialed in by then, and then we’ll be watching out for his scores instead of his plane!!!


      Name     Score          %
1    Rick        3,527    100.00%
2    Tony      3,024    85.74%
3    Wade     3,006    85.23%
4    Chuck    2,828    80.18%
5    Daryl     2,787     79.02%
6    Steve D 2,481     70.34%
7    Fred      2,390     67.76%
8    Paul       2,122     60.16%
9    Perry    1,418     40.20%

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