July Club Meeting Minutes

Attached below are the July Club Meeting Minutes from Bill Lander;


The meeting was opened at 9:35 AM by the President Tony Gallo.

The following members were present: Craig Bourdon, Charles Bowers, Tim Chesbro, Paul Genshaw,  Bill Lander, Daryl Riekki and Mike Rittenhouse.

Tony Gallo reported on Bob Jenkins Estate Sale for his aircraft materials.

There was a delay in getting the final trailer painting done. There was some problem with the spray equipment schedule.

The YMCA demonstration by SLO Flyers at the Oceano Airport went very well. The planned second demonstration was shut down by the FAA. They said could not close the airport for any short time.

Tony indicated that the soaring contests (2 per month) were good.

A general discussion  on LiPo batteries was held. Talked about charging and fires. Also that we need safety equipment at the EFR. Craig Bourdon indicated he would bring a 5 gallon bucket to be filled with sand or watter.

Bill Lander read the Treasurer’s report.

Tony Gallo closed the meeting at 10:10 AM.

Respectfully submitted

William K. Lander
Acting Secretary

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