Headmaster build – Dave Stafford

I completed the nostalgic replica of my first RC airplane today.  The kit has not been available for many years, but the plans are still available. The Headmaster was first kitted and sold by Top Flite somewhere around 1964 and was designed as a trainer that could accommodate reed radio systems or 3-channel proportional radio systems of that era. In other words, heavy. The recommended engine sizes ranged from .15 to .35.

I purchased my original Headmaster kit and engine at Laws Hobby Center in April of 1970, shortly after I separated from the US Army. The box was a bit dog-eared, but at least all of the pieces were there. Laws was located in the current CVS Pharmacy building on the corner of Marsh and Broad St. RC activities were virtually non-existent in the SLO area back then, so I was on my own.

My original Headmaster began life with an Enya .15 engine and my newly completed 5-channel Heathkit radio system using 3 servos (throttle, rudder and elevator). As my flying progressed I replaced the rather anemic Enya .15 with a McCoy .35, plus I added ailerons and a 4th servo. By this time the Headmaster probably tipped the scales at a bit over 4 lbs.

The replica is slightly modified to accept electric power including a Rimfire .15 brushless motor. Ready-to-fly weight is a trim 2 lbs. 14 oz. complete with a 3S 1350 MAh LiPo battery. 48″ wing span.

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