Covid-19 Vaccine 2nd shot reactions

To all SLOFliers: Feb 19, 2021

This is a short letter to all SLOFlyers club members. First of all, this isn’t the letter I had planned on sending, introducing myself as the new SLOFlyers Treasurer. More about this later. Tony Gallo and I want to share with everyone our personal experience with the second Covid Moderna vaccination. It put us on our butt. Both of us spent real miserable time later that day…into the night…into the next morning. We were both so sick that we couldn’t take care of ourselves. I couldn’t think…but I sure could feel the pain. Tony was even worse. He took it without any pain relief. I folded and took a few Ibuprofen. Our advice to everyone is to be prepared for some form of reaction…Have someone right with you to take over your care. Tony and I were very much in a fog and couldn’t do the simplest things for ourselves or anyone else. This is the first time since my vaccination that I can do anything as complicated as write this letter to everyone…now I will crawl back into bed.

Steve Willison
SLOFlyers Treasurer

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