Auxiliary RC Field Proposal

From Mike Rittenhouse:

Rick Johnston is proposing an auxiliary field for contests.  He has researched a site at Santa Margarita Ranch.  Our site has restrictions as to contests and Rick is attempting to draw more flyers to participate in glider contests.  Santa Margarita Ranch also has restrictions, but will accommodate four big contests a year and sport flying with permission.   Insurance coverage can be provided, at a nominal fee, as part of the SLO Flyers Charter with the AMA.  The AMA may have certain safety requirements for this auxiliary field. These requirements may involve creation of barriers or other fixed improvements.  We do not know what these requirements may be until we apply, but there will be a cost.  Rick has stated that the auxiliary field will pay for itself with contest entry fees.  Rick can answer specific questions.

We are asking the club member’s input for direction in approval of the proposal. We will discuss the proposal at the July club meeting on July 8th. If you will not be in attendance, please give your opinion of this project.  Give your opinion to Mike if your at the field or email


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